Barney’s Farm

Trustpilot Rating 2.9


The Netherlands-based company, Barney’s Farm, has its roots in Asia where its founder cultivated weed with Himalayan natives. Their unique story enhances the company’s reputation and ethos, according to their ‘About Us’ page.

Barney’s Farm is committed to finding new cannabis strains, and this fact is boasted proudly on the company’s pleasing home page. Here, customers can browse Barney’s Farm’s considerable product range with ease via sections such as ‘best sellers’ and ‘Cali collection’.

A unique feature of Barney’s Farm’s website is the video section. This isn’t something that every online cannabis seed bank has, and it is to the company’s credit that such information is available to customers in this format.

Barney’s Farm is competitive when it comes to pricing. They offer free international shipping beyond Europe on orders over 200 Euros. What’s more, is that Barney’s Farm will throw in 1 free seed for every 25 Euros spent. So, if you spend 250 Euros, you receive ten free seeds. While this isn’t as generous as other seed banks, one can’t discredit Barney’s Farm for rewarding buyers.

As far as products go, Barney’s is deserving of its place within the best online seed banks. Whether you’re looking for easily growable weed strains or something for more advanced horticulturalists, Barney’s Farm has something for everyone.

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