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With 15 years in the business of cannabis seed supply and distribution, Dinafem serves buyers in numerous countries, including Spain, France and the United Kingdom. However, buyers in the USA, Australia, South Africa and Argentina are excluded from Dinafem’s offerings as the company cannot currently ship their due to ‘legal reasons’.

With regards to the product range, Dinafem’s is as wide as any other seed bank as far as one can tell. The company currently offers a broad range of feminised, regular and auto-flower seeds which are priced attractively. Special offers, such as free seeds, are not currently on offer, however.

Dinafem’s website leaves a little to be desired as it is not as clean and slick as competitors’ websites. Also, the FAQ section could have been much clearer about shipping fees and the ‘about us’ section seems to be absent from the site.

However, Dinafem TV delivers abundant information to would-be buyers via dozens of short videos.

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