Exotic Genetix

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The first breeding experiment resulted in 3 strains, Supernatural, Essence, and Flurple. I brought these seeds with me to work and every time someone would come in talking about bug spray, or what to use to kill powdery mildew, I would hand them some seeds. I told them, go dump the junk, clean your room thoroughly, and pop these seeds. Most people would look at me kind of puzzled as if I were giving them some type of magic seed pack or something. To their surprise, however, just about everyone who I gave them to, came back after having a successful cycle asking for more seeds.

After handing out free seeds for over a year I realized I couldn’t keep up with the demand and began coming up with new projects and varieties that I thought would work well in the community. I was always looking for the best of the best. I wanted the biggest, frostiest, rank smelling flowers I could find, and it became an obsession of mine to find those possibilities. All I could think of day and night was what would come next and how I could get there in the process. Through a network of great friends, and an undying passion for greatness, Exotic Genetix was born and I couldn’t have been prouder of what had been created.

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