Greenpoint Seeds

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Greenpoint Seeds is a seed bank located in Colorado, USA.

If you’re looking for a seed bank that produces their own high-end cannabis seeds — Greenpoint is it.

The breeders at Greenpoint Seeds have traveled the world in search of the best cannabis genetics, and their proprietary seeds put their hard work on full display.

Greenpoint Seeds offers regular or feminized cannabis strains. The selection is broad and contains something for each and every palate. As you browse Greenpoint Seeds, you’ll come across bone-crushing indicas, mind-blowing sativas, and all-around hybrids.

The prices at Greenpoint are on point. The prices at Greenpoint Seeds rival those of large seed banks that do not produce their own genetics. Furthermore, each pack of seeds comes with 10 fresh cannabis seeds.

If you are located in the USA, prepare for rapid delivery time. Furthermore, the shipping rate when purchasing cannabis seeds under $100 is $3. Don’t worry if you’re not in the USA because Greenpoint offers worldwide shipping.

Although Greenpoint Seeds does not offer freebie seeds with each order, they do offer significant discounts throughout the year. Currently, the Summer Solstice deal offers 20% off your next purchase.

Overall, Greenpoint Seeds is a professional seed bank that comes with the added benefit of offering unique cannabis genetics at a reasonable price.

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