Growers Choice Seeds

Trustpilot Rating 2.8


One has to love the boldness of Growers Choice Seeds which boasts ‘medical-grade marijuana’, and the ‘finest lab tested and fully feminised seeds around’.

These are bold claims which are backed up by their track record of satisfying cannabis seed customers. With over 20 years of experience, Growers Choice Seeds sell an extensive range of cannabis seeds, and the company is adept at delivering product punctually and discretely.

Unlike some other vendors, Growers Choice Seeds will ship cannabis seeds anywhere in the world. However, they charge for doing so, and in some cases, the price to ship can be as high as $30.

Navigating Growers Choice Seeds’ website is a pleasant experience with everything laid out in a visually appealing way. The website provides rich sources of information via its blog and FAQ section, and the company makes itself easily contactable via email and phone.

Growers Choice Seeds offers ample choice of cannabis seeds and other related products and this, combined with their slick website, makes them a sensible choice for buyers of cannabis seeds but beware of high shipping costs.

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