London Seed Centre

Trustpilot Rating 4.7


London Seed Centre is a cannabis seed bank located in London, UK.

The London Seed Centre is a popular choice for cannabis enthusiasts seeking high-quality cannabis seeds at an affordable price. However, there are multiple aspects of the London Seed Centre that separate them from the rest.

London Seed Centre is a one-stop-cannabis seed-shop. Whatever you are looking for — you will find it at London Seed Centre. The categories are extensive, and one of the best features is the ability to find award-winning and just-released cannabis strains.

The prices at London Seed Centre are affordable, especially when you consider the quality of the genetics that they offer. Furthermore, the London Seed Centre offers free seeds with every purchase. The free seed scheme is simple — the more you spend, the more freebies you get.

The customer service is second-to-none, and the team at London Seed Center wants to make sure you’re satisfied. Additionally, we found the London Seed Centre to excel in shipping speed, which is a huge bonus for anyone hoping to get their seeds planted as soon as possible.

Overall, the London Seed Centre is an excellent source for cannabis seeds while ensuring that each and every customer is happy.

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