Marijuana Seeds NL

Trustpilot Rating 4.1


Although the name would make you think otherwise, Marijuana Seeds NL hails from the United Kingdom.

If you’ve been searching for a cannabis seed bank that offers genuine cannabis seeds at a fantastic price, then you just found it. MSNL is a leading cannabis seed bank that’s trusted by thousands of cannabis growers worldwide.

Let’s dive into everything that makes MSNL a trusted cannabis seed bank that’s worth your time.

First, MSNL wants your experience to be as-good-as-it-gets. You can expect rapid delivery time, but what really takes the cake is the fact that MSNL will not sell cannabis seeds that are more than 2-months old. The reason behind this uncommon practice is to ensure your seeds are as fresh as possible.

Fresh cannabis seeds mean rapid germination, which is what all cannabis growers hope for.

Next, MSNL offers a wide range of categories that span between feminized seeds, regular seeds, CBD seeds, autoflowering seeds, and more. If you can’t find it on MSNL, then you are likely looking for a limited cannabis variety that can only be found from a direct breeder.

Lastly, MSNL offers massive discounts on stellar weed strains. MSNL works with top-rated cannabis breeders and secures steep discounts. Instead of pocketing the savings, MSNL passes the discount to their clients.

Overall, Marijuana Seeds NL is well worth your time and money if you are in the market for genuine cannabis seeds.

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