Purple Diamond Strain


Purple Diamond Strain – Purple Diamond is a true gem in the weed world. This indica-dominant hybrid strain made by crossing Mendo Purps with Mt. Rainier creates a potent, mellow experience that produces an initial calming effect to get you into your zone.

Once you’re there, this combined sacred herb will take away any sense of pain and replace it with an uplifting creative energy to help tear through tasks at hand or create new active hobbies for yourself while keeping negativity at bay. Purple Diamond has high levels of THC so be sure this is the right strain for you before consuming.

If you’re a medical cannabis patient or recreational user with a sweet tooth, Purple Diamond is for you! This strain is a customer favorite, and that’s not just because of its generous THC content.

Purple Diamond has purple and lime green foliage with white trichomes and amber hairs. The flavor profile offers hints of berries balanced out by citrus notes, making it perfect to add some yummy variety to your weed menu.

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