Star Killer Strain


Star Killer Strain – The Star Killer strain is a cross between two out of this world strains, Mazar and Blueberry strain. This Indica heavy strain is universally loved by many for its therapeutic benefits with the strong-hitting effects all over your body.

If you’re looking to grow this yourself outside in soil where it can really prosper, make sure not to forget about these feminized seeds which will have less work on your hands than if you were growing from standard seedlings

The earthy citrus aroma that’s produced when smoking or handling the flower gives an added hint of flavor that smokers love most so don’t be afraid to give them a try!

Star Killer strain has hard-hitting effects with its estimated 29% THC content and can be a little too powerful for beginners. Just make sure you’re ready to take this weed seriously before indulging in it, because the adverse side effects that come along are not always fun!

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Star Killer Strain

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Star Killer Strain

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Star Killer Strain