Tropsanto Strain


Tropsanto Strain – A cross between GMO and Tropicana Cookies, Tropsanto features flavors that include garlic, cookie dough, and spicy cinnamon. This strain is popular among dab enthusiasts for its potent high as well as a rich terpene profile with purple hues contrasted by lime green accents.

TropSanto is a plant that can be grown with many different styles and has been found to work well in hash-making. This strain responds very well to training, so it should not have problems adapting to different grow systems/styles.

Tropsanto is an excellent choice for patients who suffer from insomnia, appetite loss or nausea, chronic stress and depression. This strain also has a high 19-20% THC level that will help with managing pain as well.

TropSanto is a resilient, versatile plant that can thrive in almost any environment. The growth rate and bud development are optimized at 80° F and 70% relative humidity (RH). TropSanto plants have an impressive resistance to disease compared with other varieties

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Tropsanto Strain

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Tropsanto Strain

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Tropsanto Strain